Debra’s Story

How does one  go from being lost in worlds of magic and  new age spirituality to studying about cults?

Debra Van Neste

When Debbie Van Neste was initiated into Haitian Vodou, (called a mambo) her training was to procure money using dramatic sales methods such as fear, and playing on her client’s needs. If anyone needed her for advice on love, winning a court case, or even protection, she could convince anyone she could do the job. She also maintained an international clientele, for her psychic readings, or be it her own brand of spells, amulets, and potions.

Using the domain name of Marie Laveau, who was a famous Vodou Queen in New Orleans, it generated a misleading respectability in a field where there is none.

“People who turn to Vodou are very desperate and just want immediate relief of a problem when nothing else has worked. They seek answers through Vodou or the occult, but in the end, people are just left without money and often in a worse state, mentally, emotionally, and even physically” says Debbie.

“I was playing the game myself  and was convinced I was special. Vodou uses fear and sales techniques, the occult is a sham and a dangerous delusional fantasy, just a money making business, that is all there is to it, I met many people in this line, they were all frauds”…she admits

One day, she decided she could not do this anymore, when one of her clients, was having a mental breakdown, but it still took many years as she calls it,  to “deprogram” and develop critical thinking skills, and move forward without the entrapment of beliefs and spirituality.

“It was a long journey, and there were no easy answers,”

Now with her husband, Steven Van Neste who is  an author in his own right,  they created an online magazine on cults that is have been gaining attention and controversy across the web.

“Ethics and The Modern Guru” is a lavish magazine published in softcover thru Amazon and various foreign outlets.

This is only the second issue, and it has already been stirring a lot of heat and anger amongst cults, and features several huge articles on mainstream cults with this issue’s focus on The Peoples Temple. The guru ethics magazine team, has won the support and respect of many major players in the cult education field and works peacefully with them, referring people who seek help, to qualified professionals.

A free magazine is available for the press to review.

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